3) How is life coaching different from counseling?

In general, life coaching is focused on the future, whereas counseling is focused more on one’s past. Life coaching is also more action-oriented and focuses around goals, change, and results for the client, while counseling is focused more on inner healing and helping people move past psychological barriers and disorders.

Lastly, life coaches give you the freedom on how you want to structure any given session, as well as the communication that follows; counselors often have a process or psychological model that they lead clients through  the road to overcoming trauma, mental illness, and addictions. While the two professions certainly have a lot of overlap, especially in the psychological arena, they are two distinctly different professions, and each individual has to decide which is right for themselves.

4) What happens if I find out that life coaching isn’t for me after we start?

This is of course a very valid concern for many individuals before they embark on such a journey. And indeed, one of my core values is honesty, making sure prospective clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision. That’s why I want to make sure you are completely aware of what the coaching process entails and if it’s right for you by scheduling a free complimentary consultation with you.

5) What are some of the reasons people give for not wanting to hire a life coach?

The reasons usually fall into one of three categories: time, money, or personal energy. In other words, people say they don’t have enough time in their busy lives, or they don’t have the money at the moment, or they don’t have enough energy to devote to coaching. Many individuals, though, find that such concerns fade away when they understand the coaching process and see the value having someone else see in them what they cannot. While it may be a commitment financially and emotionally in the beginning, you are  “investing” in "YOURSELF" long-term and this IS who you will have to live with at the end of the day. I have yet to encounter one person who after a period of time felt as if it wasn’t worth it.

6) I have a disability or disorder.  Is there hope for me to still benefit from life coaching?

You absolutely can, and I have a a great deal of experience, success and passion in coaching individuals with disabilities.  However, understand that life coaching is very different from counseling, and some individuals with
disabilities or disorders do indeed need counseling more than coaching, since coaching cannot diagnose or treat any disorder and the focus is more on the future than past.  If you are on the fence as to which one would be best for you, go ahead and contact me and we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can chat about it and make the best decision for you.


7) Do you offer group coaching or couple’s coaching?

Absolutely.  Group coaching is appropriate for conflict resolution and mediation type scenarios. In addition, the rates for group coaching do not change, so the cost of coaching can be divided among everyone who participates.


8) Do you accept Referrals? Do you offer any referral bonuses?

Yes. I am a big believer in word of mouth advertising and believe some of my best clients come from this system. Most of my clients are from the recommendations of my current and past clients.  I also offer referral bonuses in future discounts on packages and gift cards as well, so there’s an added incentive to tell your friends how much the Price Life Consulting has impacted there life journey!

9) I’m struggling with my spirituality or faith. Can you still help me?

     Yes again. Life coaching and spirituality tend to eventually work hand in hand– in fact, many individuals find their spirituality has grown and been transformed after going through the life coaching process with a coach, by being encouraged and held accountable to their belief system.  Having a belief in a higher power often helps put our smaller lives into perspective we have never thought of. As well as take the focus off of "What about Me" and move it to "What about You and Others", for this is when true servant hood and legacy creation is made. If your faith is important to you, then it’s my desire to make it stronger and use it to better your soul!


2) My day is already too busy, how can I afford to add something else to it?

You can't afford not to add something to your life that may actually give you more ways to manage your time so you can even answer that question with less stress and say yes to anything that helps you become a better YOU! Price Life Consulting can show you how to accomplish more with less time. Always take the time to reflect a little in life so you can process and move forward in life to accomplish your true passions, dreams and desires.

1) How do I know if coaching will benefit for me?

Of course if you are ready and allow the change to occur. Coaching is for everyone who has dealt with their past, is ready for change and is willing to go through the steps necessary to complete their freedom goals.

According to Newsweek "They're part therapist, part consultant and they sure do know how to succeed" as far a description goes for Life Coaches. Everyone has problems in their lives but not everybody know how to move past them.

--Writing down some thoughts and questions at nearly 8,000 feet.  Just had to get a little closer. Thought I might get more clear answers! Ha. Climb your mountains with me....Owens Peak, CA

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