Getting Started

How Do I Partner With Price Life Consulting?

Price Life Consulting coaches individuals and business in-person, on the phone, or even via internet. Sessions are typically booked in 50 minute-1 hour sessions and priced in individual sessions or packages. Price Life Consulting is flexible to work around many of our clients scheduling requests. Primary language must be English but open to all cultures, religions and gender.

How Do We Accept Payments?

We accept payments through our secured Pay Pal account, Debit/Credit Card and Check Payment as well. Payments are primarily to be made prior to service. All of our payments are accepted in American Currency. Basic Packaging is listed below and Customized packages are based on client needs. Feel free to discuss special packages or rates based directly with PLC.

Our goal is to help you WIN and feel like you are truly investing in your future. Professional life coaches do not guarantee results; one, since we’re not ethically allowed, and two, there are just too many factors that can influence the coaching process. However, life coaching is certainly a proven career field, and many studies show that life coaching results in improved happiness, contentment, and productivity for those who commit themselves to the process.

Consider life coaching like a fitness program – you won’t see results after your first workout, but continue to workout and positive results will be on there way!


Individual Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Career Consulting Packages


Free 30 Minute Life Consulting Assesment $0 – It’s Free!

We offer a Complimentary Coaching Strategy Session for new clients!

Are you looking for more inspiration out of life?

Do you want more joy out of each day?Do you want more fulfilling career?

You can experience your life consulting in person, phone or via internet!


Life Consulting Single Session Package- $125

Sometimes all it takes is one session to experience a breakthrough in your life. When you
find that something is keeping you from moving forward in the journey of life. The single life
coaching session package, you have the ability to sit down in a one on one session and help you discover exactly what you need to overcome your current obstacles. Single life coaching sessions are also a great choice for existing clients that need that extra little bit of positive coaching and reinforcement.!

1 x 50-55 minute Personal Life Coaching Session

Life homework and insight customized to meet specific clients needs

Email support to enhance your coaching session the week after the session

“Let’s Start Making Changes” Coaching Package $499

When you are ready to start taking action in your life, you should sign up for our "Lets Start Making Changes" Coaching Package. This package is designed for those that are ready to achieve something more meaningful in business and in life. It is designed for those that feel stuck in that rut and desire to break free but need someone to help them develop effective life strategies to give themselves direction. 


4 x 1 hour Personal Life Coaching Sessions (4 consecutive weeks preferred)

Weekly exercises, life homework and insight customized to meet specific client needs

Ongoing email support to enhance your coaching throughout sessions

 “Moving Forward With The Journey"  Coaching Package $899 (Recommended)***

When you are ready to make powerful changes in your life, you should go ahead and select the "Moving Forward With The Journey" Coaching Package. This package is recommended due to the fact that the more time invested in our sessions, the more productive coaching relationship will allow for maximum growth.

With our "Moving Forward With The Journey" Coaching Package, we will help you tap into the matters that mean the most to you. This is truly going to change your perspective and push you passions and dreams "Forward"!


7 x 1 hour Personal Life Coaching sessions

1 x 1 hour Follow-up Coaching session 1 month after your last session.

Full assessment on your all proposed goals, work and personal life

Weekly exercises, life homework and insight customized to meet specific client needs UNILIMITED email support to enhance coaching sessions

1 x 1 hour Bonus Life Plan and Motivational Consulting Session


*** “Moving Forward With The Journey Package” recommended for two consecutive months and for each additional two months purchased there will be a $79 discount will be applied thereafter.

***Studies show that average coaching relationship last nearly 13 months and personally have had clients go as little as three months and some for multiple years. It’s completely up to the client and their specific goals.


Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Perfect for all sizes of groups including Athletic Teams, Business Coaching, Universities, High Schools, Non-Profits, Team Building and Problem Solving, Staff Development and

Some Topics Include:

• How Do My Decisions Today Affect My Tomorrow

• Overcoming Personal & Family Obstacles

• Responding vs. Reacting In LIfe

• Moving Forward With Life- What is my View Of Employment, Business, and Work Ethics 

-$500-$900 per session depending on size and location (if in person, online, time etc.) and can be combined in a series or multiple visits for adjusted rate amount.

 Workshops - ONE-TWO Day on-site/virtual workshops-Price Varies Based on Location

-Business Ethics

-Job - Readiness

-Public Speaking 

 & More


-Customer Service

Please call or email for clarity and further details about packages or pricing options. I truly look forward to working with you embarking on you journey!