Career Consulting

• I Want to Move On But I'm Confused, I've Worked

  Here For So Long

• Im Retiring Soon... What Now

• Do I Continue My Career or....

• Start a Business...

• Or Both...

• I Don't Know if This 9-5 Day is For Me

• I Want an Entirely Different Career

• Finding Your True Passion in Your Career

• Why Not Pick a Career You Actually Want,

   Instead of What Others Want For You

•  I'm Bored, Not Happy, and No One Likes Me... Help!

• "Excommunicating bad Communicating" 

• I Think I'm Stuck In A Rut... What's Next?

• Navigating Office Dynamics

• I'm Stressed, Working Hard and Need More Money

• I Think I'm Ready For a Leadership Position

• How to Encourage a Promotion vs. Demotion 

• Smiling... Does it Really Help That Much?

• What are You Doing Nonverbally, That You Don't See

Times in the workplace have never been more different than they are currently. Everybody desires "I hope" to be their best. I of course always believed in the benefits of work ethics and values in a career and will never forget nor take for granted. I have been an employee, a supervisor and a business owner. I have experienced great supervisors, awesome employees, and fantastic customers.

I have also my share of not so good supervisors, unreliable employees, and hard to deal with customers. Both groups have been great however for me to understanding reasons for different actions in the workplace. The most important aspect that I have learned is you cannot change anyone. You can only change YOU!

So that's what Price Life Consulting can do if you so desire!

Lets JUMP right into your becoming "All It Can Be"!

Regardless of the Stage of your Career... We can move forward!

Career Shifting

Career Exploring

Career Progression

Career Direction

Price Life Consulting Categories And Topics

• Just Getting Started In This Whole Career "Thing"

• Locating The Best Career For You

• Discover Better Goal Clarity

• How to Have that Resume That Will Be Seen?

• Interviewing the Right Way

• How to "Dress" to "Impress" To Avoid A "Mess"

Price Career Consulting program will specifically help you:

     •Show your employees how their actions influence everybody

     •Learn how to take responsibility for your own behaviors 

     •Show you how to stay positive even when times are tough

     •Demonstrate ways to ensure leaders in the workplace empower there staff to lead others

     • Provide leadership with the skills necessary to use what you have learned in the

       workplace and move forward into your personal life


     •Overall teach you how to find the "Secret of Contentment” in the workplace

What Not to Do During the Career Exploring Stage! Ha!