What Are Employees and Leaders Are Doing Wrong?

Rather than focus their attention on ambition and drive, we have been taught to become judgmental, complain and become negative due to our struggling economy and environment shaping. Everywhere there is gossip, not accepting responsibility, and non-professionalism. Lets face it times are different and people are apprehensive to say anything due to fear of job loss or no growth. They feel themselves the victim but rarely put in the effort to try to gain respect and earn their pay. Over time the morale of the workplace will depreciates. Like the video you see below, even the smallest incorrect actions can be devastating! Watch with a light heart!

Okay will all humor aside, employees can only be good as its leadership. A truly effective leader in the workplace is one who accomplishes goals through managing others at there best. In order to be a leader and not merely a
manager, one must lead his or her employees somewhere. Some people will say, Where and How? “There just not enough time” or “I don’t wont to hurt the persons feelings”, and the “I don’t know how excuse”. There are truly no reasons for not offering coaching. Supervisors who don’t coach their staff aren’t fulfilling their duties as leaders.


Eventually your entire workforce has become a juggernaut of employees making their issues worse every day and ignoring its impact on your workplace. No matter how hard you try to “manage” or lead the employees, you find that they wont change. They are too focused on their own worries and problems to put effort into their daily tasks...

Business Coaching

You Deserve To Have A Great Business!


What Can be done?

Economies are struggling throughout in various parts of the world. It may take years before the economy has fixed
itself, and even then there is no guarantee that your company is going to be able to take advantage of its growth. According to most economists statistics, it may surprise you that the biggest loss to companies is not a lack of
spending but productivity loss. In fact, over the past several decades, employees have drastically cut down on the amount of effort they bring in to the workplace – many of them spending less than 60% of their day working! Employees have lost their way.

Supervisors have not sharpened their skill set with further education and job training. Executives have been swamped with investing time in explaining their losses and not investing in there team. Entrepreneurs are losing there edge because of fear of failure and hard to find quality team members. Team members are not receiving enough recognition for their acheivements and success in the daily grind.  Times have shifted, technology has changed, the work culture is not personable enough and if it is, has inappropriate boundaries. Direction is needed. Price Life Consulting can help!

At Price Life Consulting we have a variety of coaching for Businesses or Companies:

     • Coaching (Character and Principle Coaching and Coaching for your Team)
Large/Small Business

     • Home Based Business Leadership Training

     • Coaching for Leaders of businesses, supervisors, management or entrepreneurs

     • Motivational Coaching/Speaking engagements and in in-service trainings

     • Staff development for a variety of small business

     • Schools, Universities and non-profit organizations as well

We do business coaching throughout the continental U.S. and will do contracted coaching within in other countries. Our programs are customizable and you can find out more about our packages by clicking here!