Can Money Really buy Happiness???

eric Thomas "What it takes to be successful" 

Born in Australia without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic, has become a symbol of triumph. After enduring years of torment and attempting suicide at age 10, Nick says, he had an awakening.

How did Nick choose to make the most of his life?

Watch and see!

" I am a Champion Speech"

coach Pumps up his team to win

"Rocky Balboa" One of my favorite clips from Father to Son... "Gotta Believe in yourself

The Hoyt story espn--Story of father and his son never giving up on your dreams no matter what!

Richard Herrin - Personal friend of mine with cereBrAL palsy" overcoming obstacles in order to succeed"

A must watch video!! part two is a love story check it out...

DR. Wayne dyer "The secret and law of attraction"


The purpose of this page is for you to watch these videos for growth, inspiration and motivation to get moving forward in the the journey of life!!! Make No excuses! You can Do It! Enjoy these videos...

Art Williams "Just Do It Speech" A classic but goodie!