Where to begin? Who and where did this guy come from?

I feel that working with someone to achieve their life goals is an important collaboration; and feel it’s important that you know a small snap shot about my life journey... Here it goes....

     I grew up a rural, small town in North Carolina. I didn’t grow up with having everything but my family worked hard and always taught me that work ethic and character will always endure. I have worked hard to earn everything I have ever had and will continue to do so. Hey I’ve been there, I know what it is like to be focused on survival alone…food, clothing, the basics and I know what its like to have extra in life. God gave me several personal gifts to include high energy, servant attitude, athletic ability and a burning spirit that would follow me many lifetimes.

As an athlete, I accepted a scholarship offer to continue my athletics and academics where I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services (Imagine that serving humans!) and lettered in NCAA collegiate athletics. I started developing my leadership skills throughout my role on the team, in the community and within the university serving in a variety of chair capacities. Even then, I started noticing that many athletes and others, lacked the mental focus to truly live up to their potential and maximize their strengths. I continued to see this pattern as after graduation and started working in various sectors of the human services field and small business to use my gifts.

  Have I ever helped anybody with struggles or wants better in life? Absolutely, for nearly two decades I have guided people from all walks of life through their challenges and onto better stages of their life. I have helped pregnant teens make critical life and spiritual choices about school and future, supervised and served children in transitional homes, managed grants for homeless veterans, ex-offenders, severely disabled, sales, dislocated workers, extensive job development, education and employment curriculum development and overall human growth. I have wore many hats for a reason. To be able to relate not just by thought patterns but by actions!

     I have also been involved with several individuals in the private business sector, in renovating homes, vending machine distribution personal ownership/operation, multiple sales venues, as well owned my own home-based business, empowering and coaching individuals and teams to succeed in life in various cities across the U.S., financial success and generate streams of income during the toughest of times. Of course there have been many successes and failures. I currently work strongly in the health care field with seniors to include happiness workshops, caregiver support in dementia and nursing home settings. I know what it is like to reach rock bottom personally and professionally and still have to wake up, dress up and show up each day to never go back!

    Each opportunity has led me back to the same core components of truth when it comes to developing yourself as a person, becoming successful in business and relationships, and attracting what you truly want in your life. These
principles are universal, I have learned them and seen them unfold in front of my eyes for years and I am excited to share them with people who want to move forward. To get them out of the same rut they had figured they were thought they were destined for!

So how can I truly help YOU become a better YOU? 

    To everyone that knows me they will probably surely tell you “He always manages to have a great day and smile no matter what"! I am always excited and focused on empowering others to learn these insightful principles, in order to bring achievement, positive growth and happiness; If they truly desire change and growth of course.  I don’t live a simple life, but I do live a life focused on the simple things that matter most. Once I was able to recognize what I really wanted in life, and focus my energy toward achieving that, only then did I truly discover the power of knowing oneself (good and bad!), knowing what I truly want, and knowing how to focus my God-Given energy to cause positive shifts in all areas of my life!

    Personally, this alone has been a truly awesome experience and I couldn’t have done it without my own mentors, life consultants and yes obstacles! What Obstacles! Yes I give thanks and applaud to those dirty and down right nasty obstacles as our one my favorite American educators and authors Booker T. Washington once said, “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life but by the obstacles one has overcame". Thank you obstacles.

    Overall I have spent enormous amounts of energy in my day making sure I chose to make another step on the path and journey to freedom with a high energy of spirit and grace working along side of me. I have come to know that the important things of life boil down to just a few core beliefs that I adhere to each day, one of them being: I deserve happiness and fulfillment! Whatever that means to you, I believe you deserve that as well and I can help you recognize and materialize that. Another being we are not in charge of our life. And finally we must accept grace and give grace daily. A person who is ready for change is a force to be reckoned with; together we can harness your strengths and magnify your energy! 

I truly look forward to working you and getting to know you better!

May God Bless You on Your Journey to Freedom,

Darrell Price

Life & Health Coach